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8th President of the United States of America
Why should he be Admired?
Martin Van Buren was blamed for alot of things during his presidency term. Examples include The Panic of 1837, and the recession that people blamed on him. Van Buren took the blame for hard times when in fact, he should be admired. For example, he was the first president actually born from the US and was responsible for the founder of the two-party system in the U.S. politics. Martin has been through alot during his early life, almost all involving politics like being Secretary of State or Governor. He was also in the military and in war but he saw no action in combat. Although people like to say or joke around that he lead the US into a recession, it is all not true. The real person to blame would be Jackson since he wanted to pay the national debt. As soon as Jackson got out of office, Martin moved in just in time for everything to fall down on him. It was his first year in office when it all came down, and it could not have been his fault entirely. He was elected during a bad time. Martin Van Buren is also the founder of many modern political practices that are used. The modern Democratic party that is used today was from Van Buren. He is the founder of many things that have evolved and are used today in modern politics. Van Buren was not the actual problem for The Panic of 1837 and when actually taking to consideration, Van Buren might as well been as successful as the other presidents who now serve as presidency today.
Some Facts on Martin Van Buren
Birth- Dec. 5, 1782
Death- July 24, 1862
Terms in Office- 1 term from 1837-1841
Political Party- Democrat/ First President born in the USA!
Careers before Presidency- In military who saw no action, New York Senator 1813-15, New York Attorney-General 1815-19, US Senator 1821-29, Governor of New York 1829, Secretary of State 1829-1831, Minister of England 1831, Vice President from 1833-1837 under Jackson.
Martin Van Buren was a Politician, Statesman, and into law.
Martin Van Buren Quote- "As to the Presidency, the two happiest days of my life were those of my entrance upon the office and my surrender of it."
Martin was not really thought of as a successful president because they blamed all the problems on him, an example is the Panic of 1837
What is The Panic of 1837???
The Panic of 1837 happened in the same year Martin was elected president. He was blamed for the recession even thought it was not his fault. The reason he was blamed for was because he was president at the time and, like George Bush, was blamed the recession. The recession occured because the Treasury began to have a surplus after paying off the national debt that was former president Andrew Jacksons dream. The banks would not give out money, leaving people broke and desperate. It ruined thousands and the railroad and canal project failed to be finished, leaving all the blame on Martin Van Buren and costing him a reelection.
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external image martin+van+buren2.jpg 8th President of the US who was opinioned by the wrong